HRM Management System Software in Bangladesh

HRM Management System Software in Bangladesh

HRM and Payroll Software is a complete Human Resource Management System (HRM) which provides an organization a complete solution to manage & maintain Employee Profiles, automatic Payroll calculation of allowances & deduction etc. with single click. System can store scanned documents of employee along with records to view them later when required urgent. Software reminds for various employee document expiries, leave & appraisal due etc. along with company trade license & company vehicle renewals etc.

This HRM and Payroll Software have employee record management with complete profile of employees

Employee Management

Maintain Employee records with basic details, salary, passport, visa and vacation history. Set Basic salary and allowances. Based on Employee profiles, HRM and Payroll Software calculates payroll, shows document expiry reminders and HR reports. Employee Management is the core of this HRM Software.

Payroll Calculation

HRM and Payroll Software calculates monthly salary automatically in one click. It takes (Basic salary + Allowances + Over time) - (Deduction + Loan Installment + leave deduction). Flexible integration of payroll module with HR Management makes this HRM software very easy to use.

Salary Statement & Pay Slips

HRM and Payroll Software creates salary statement and Pay Slips for all employees one click. HRM and Payroll Software prepares monthly Salary Statement and Pay Slips. You can print selected pay slip or all salary slips for the month in one click. Various salary statements by department, designation, work place etc which you can print.


Employee Cash Advances

Software can manage employee loans and automatic deductions from salary. HRM and Payroll Software can manage cash advances given to employees. Enter Loan amount and installment amount. HRM and Payroll Software will automatically deduct installment amount from salary every month until full loan amount gets recovered. You can adjust installment deduction amount for any month and software takes care of balance amount by itself.

Increment & Leave History

HRM and Payroll Software records annual vacation history and calculates total leave entitlement, taken leave and balance leave in each employee record. Maintains history of salary increments & annual leave. HRM and Payroll Software Helps you to take decision if it is right time to give increment. Enter record of vacation when someone goes on leave and software calculates total taken vacation & balance in account of each employee.

  • 1. Employee Management
  • 2. Leave Management
  • 3. Payroll Management
  • 4. Performance Management
  • 5. Document Management
  • 6. E Recruitment
  • Employee Management Features:
  • A. Basic Information

Name, Department, Designation, Branch, Joining Date, Email etc.

  • B. Essential Information

Bank Account, Driving Licenses, Contract Duration, TIN etc.

  • C. Personal Information

Father, Mother, Spouse, Blood Group, Address etc.

  • D. Education

Degree, University, Grade, Year etc.

  • E. Experience

Organization, Job Title/Post, From, To etc.

  • F. Training

Course Title, Institute/Board/University with country, Degree/certificate acquired etc.

  • G. Nominee Information

Name, Relationship, Percentage Etc.

  • H. Reference

Name, Designation, Organization name Etc.

  • I. Transition

Change Designation, Period etc

  • J. Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary status, effective date, reason

  • K. Employee Separation

Mode of separation, date, reason