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School and College Management Software

School Management System is designed to facilitate paperless administration of schools and colleges. School software has the ability to manage administrative works which allows a user to maintain academic history of students, records, acoounting, fees, result, syllabus, dormatory, transport routes etc. which ultimately helps the student, teachers, students gurdian to work in accord. It brings many different functions/departments in one system and provides all the relevant data in one place. Online school management system is also getting more prevalence. Web based school management software are more easy to use at any and every location, with no sacrifice in functionalizes.

Our School Management System is intended to automate day to day school administrative work like Attendance, student info management, Class routine, exam routine and much more. The provision of the software is to help school management to save time on day to day school activity. Once the School Management System is in use, it will enable the school management to access all the necessary information, reports of all the departments of the school in a seconds. The school management system is completely an online web based solution, which can be accessed from anywhere online.

Features of School & College Management System

1. Student Information Management

2. Student Daily Attendence Management

3. Manage Class Routine

4. Fee Management

5. Manage Exam Routine

6. Attendance SMS Notification

7. Class Schedule SMS Notification

8. Exam Schedule SMS Notification

9. Result SMS Notification

10. Custom SMS Notification

11. Teacher Info Management

12. Student Fee Management

13. Holiday Calendar

14. Report Card Management

15. Manage Exam Marks

16. Manage Accounts Expense

Complete Solutions for School Management Software System